Diversity Calendar 2019

1WednesdayFast in Honour of Holy Mother of JesusOrthodox Christian
2ThursdayLughnassad-ImbolcWicca/Neo Pagan Northern & Southern Hemisperes
2ThursdayRoma Genocide Remembrance DayRoma
6MondayTransfiguration of the LordOrthodox Christian
7TuesdayRaksha Bandhan Hindu & Sikh
9ThursdayInternational Day of World's Indigenous PeopleInternational
15WednesdayAssumption of the Blessed Virgin MaryCatholic Christian
15WednesdayDormition of the TheotokosOrthodox Christian
19SundayNottingham Caribbean Carnival Nottingham
22 - 25Wednesday - SaturdayEid al AdhaIslam
23ThursdayInternational Day in memory of the enslavement trade International
26 Aug - 4 SepSunday - TuesdayParyushana Parava (human emergence) Jain
30ThursdayInternational day of the disappearedInternational

 About NCBI

NCBI stands for National Coalition Building Institute. We are a registered charity, dedicated to ending prejudice and discrimination in all its forms. We deliver training in the skills needed to take leadership in an effective and inclusive way in diverse communities.